Weight loss is difficult. If you are judging your success or failure only by the numbers on your scale you could be missing half the story.

Record Your Body Measurements

Grab a tape measure, pick a body part, and use the tumblers to enter your body measurements. As you enter a measurement you can compare the new value to the last four measurements you have recorded.
Save a measurement goal length

Total Length

Inspired by The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman, Goal Length distills all of your measurements to a single number, total inches or total centimeters, to show you quickly which way you are trending.

Visualize Progress

Use the plus/minus readings next to each measurement to quickly compare how you are doing verses the last time you entered a measurement.

Goal and Starting Weight Graph

Rename Measurements

Out of the box Goal Length tracks ten different measurements, the same ten measurements I use to track my own body. If these measurements don’t appeal to you, rename them to something else, or turn them off to stop tracking them. Need to track more than ten measurements, Goal Length has you covered with the ability to track ten more measurements, for a total of twenty trackable measurements.

Add Your Old Measurements

I used to have body measurements everywhere…multiple apps, notebooks, and Excel worksheets, nothing worked the way I expected it to. Goal Length solved my body measurement needs, but by moving to a new app I didn’t want to lose all of my old history. Goal Length makes it easy to import your old measurements into Goal Length so you can keep all of your historical measurements in one place. Click the ‘+’ in the upper right hand corner of the ‘History’ screen, set the date of the measurement, and start importing your old measurements.

Protect Your Measurements

I hate handing my phone over to someone and they ask, “Hey what is this Goal Length App?”, they proceed to open it up, and to my chagrin all of my body measurements are splashed all over the screen. To combat this embarrassment I’ve added an extra layer of protection to Goal Length, under ‘Settings’ click on the ‘Touch ID / Passcode’ to protect Goal Length from prying eyes. Now anytime someone attempts to open Goal Length they will be challenged with providing authentication via Touch ID or the phone’s passcode.
touch id