We all have our own weight loss journey. My journey included creating a new daily habit of stepping on the scale every morning and recording the results. Over time I looked forward to stepping on that scale and entering a new result into Goal Weight to see how far I've come, and to ensure I was still moving in the proper direction.

Record Your Weight

Use the tumblers to set your weight for the day. Press 'Save', and the graphs will be updated with your weight.
Save a measurement goal weight

Trend Line

Inspired by The Hacker's Diet, Goal Weight implements an Exponentially Smoothed Moving Average Trend Line. The exponentially smoothed moving average trend line is a complicated way of saying, “We are using a line to smooth out your daily weight fluctuations.”

Watch Yourself Change Over Time

Goal and Starting Weight Graph
Goal and Starting Weight Graph
Goal and Starting Weight Graph
Quickly swipe back and forth to see your progress over the last two weeks, 30, and 90 days.

Starting and Goal Weight

The dashed lines show you where you've been (starting weight), and where you want to go (goal weight).  Below, starting weight and goal weight are shown in their default colors, gray for starting weight, green for goal weight.
Goal and Starting Weight Graph

Add Your Old Measurements

I used to have weight measurements everywhere...multiple apps, notebooks, and Excel worksheets, nothing worked the way I expected it to. Goal Weight solved my weight measurement needs, but by moving to a new app I didn't want to lose all of my old history. Goal Weight makes it easy to import your old measurements into Goal Weight so you can keep all of your historical measurements in one place. Click the '+' in the upper right hand corner of the 'History' screen, set the date of the measurement, and start importing your old measurements.
Add Historical Measurement

Protect Your Measurements

I hate handing my phone over to someone and they ask, "Hey what is this Goal Weight App?", they proceed to open it up, and to my chagrin all of my weight measurements are splashed all over the screen. To combat this embarrassment I've added an extra layer of protection to Goal Weight, under 'Settings' click on the 'Touch ID / Passcode' to protect Goal Weight from prying eyes. Now anytime someone attempts to open Goal Weight they will be challenged with providing authentication via Touch ID or the phone's passcode.

Sharing Progress

There is nothing like sharing your progress with 100s of close friends on Facebook, Twitter, or emailing an update to your mother. With a double tap on any of the graphs you can quickly take a picture of your current progress and post it for all to see.
sharing image